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Stepping Out of the Office: A Psychologist's Morning at W.H. Croxford High School

Students In Class

As counselling psychologists, our work often keeps us within the familiar confines of our therapy offices, deeply engaged in the transformative process of therapy. However, there are moments when we step out of this comfort zone, and these experiences can be just as enriching. Recently, I had the unique opportunity to step into a different role: a guide to the inquisitive minds of Grade 10 and 11 students at W.H. Croxford High School, sharing my insights about a career in psychology.

Their questions were as thoughtful as they were varied, touching on daily routines, the emotional impact of our work, and the practicalities of pursuing psychology as a profession—including the ever-popular inquiry, "How much do you earn?" Each question opened a window into their inquisitive minds, some presenting angles I had yet to consider myself.

This encounter was not just a platform for me to share knowledge but also a reminder of the vibrant curiosity that drives future generations. To those who aspire to delve into the complexities of human thought and behaviour, I encourage you to nurture your curiosity and empathy. These are the guiding lights that will illuminate your path on the rewarding journey of becoming a psychologist.

A journey that indeed begins with an undergraduate degree and continues through graduate studies. And for those wondering about the specifics, the College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP) is an invaluable resource, alongside the support offered by the Psychologists Association of Alberta (PAA).

If you need further guidance or are pondering the possibilities within the realm of psychology, we at Airdrie Counselling Centre welcome your questions. Dive into this journey with an open heart and mind, and who knows where your path might lead?


Clayton Falk M.A.,

Registered Psychologist &

Canadian Certified Counsellor

Clayton Falk M.A, Registered Psychologist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

About the author of the article:

Clayton Falk, MA, Registered Psychologist & Canadian Certified Counsellor

Clayton is a Registered Psychologist in Alberta who is currently one of the founders and co-owners of the Airdrie Counselling Centre. If you would like to see Clayton’s profile or book an appointment with him, please click on the link below.


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