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Thoughts About Stress

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

We all have stress in our lives. It is unavoidable and a necessary part of life. I have found that in my work as a therapist and in my own life, that I have been thinking often about this topic over the past few months. I thought that since this has been the case that I could share a few words on the topic of stress and reducing stress.

Many people including myself will describe one aspect of stress as a feeling of being overwhelmed. I would suggest that when you feel this way it would be a good indication of the need to take stock of your life. Determine if you are taking on more responsibility then you can or should. Are there activities or responsibility in your life that are not essential? If you answered yes, then learn to let go of those activities and responsibilities you do not need. Be realistic!

Learn to set limits with yourself and others this may mean learning how to say "no". If you are not saying no, then what are you doing? If you still struggle with saying no then at the very least learn to negotiate with others around you. Negotiate on what you can "realistically" handle and admit to what you cannot handle. Minimally beware of when you are saying "yes", even when you don't want to.

I know that even as a therapist, I at times struggle with saying no, setting limits and being realistic with myself and others. When I am setting limits, saying no and being realistic, then I feel less overwhelmed and have more energy for those activities as well as tasks that are essential to my life.

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