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Our Vision

In 2011, the Airdrie Counselling Centre was opened with the vision of helping clients break through the obstacles that hold them back in life. The Airdrie Counselling Centre was opened as an alternative option to existing public and non-profit services with long wait times and  limited treatment options. Each therapist at the Airdrie Counselling Centre has a united goal of high quality care, no wait lists,  prevention and treatment. We believe in our community and focus on being part of this community. We, at the Airdrie Counselling Centre, believe that healthy individuals, couples and families help make our community great.


History of the Airdrie Counselling Centre

The Airdrie Counselling Center was founded in 2011 as a location with three clinicians sharing a space. Two of the clinicians went on to form a partnership and operated the Airdrie Counselling Centre, those two clinicians, Dianne Federation and Clayton Falk. In 2018 Dianne began her process of retiring and today the Airdrie Counselling Centre continues to be operated by psychologist Clayton Falk and psychologist Dason Harker. Over the years, the Airdrie Counselling Centre has continued to grow with additional counsellors, psychologists and social workers joining the Centre as associates. 

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