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Discover The World of Play Therapy

At Airdrie Counselling Centre, we believe in the healing power of play. Play therapy is a powerful psychological approach, specially designed for children ages 5 to 12, that allows them to express their experiences and feelings through a natural, self-guided, self-healing process. Younger children often struggle with talk therapy as developmentally they are less equipped for insight and change than adults. Children often communicate experiences and internal world through play; it becomes an essential vehicle for them to know and accept themselves and others.

The Essence Of Play Therapy


Grounded in the pioneering work of psychologists like Dr. Charles Schaefer and Virginia Axline, play therapy has become a central treatment for young minds. These experts understood that play is the child's language, and toys are their words. In our sessions, trained therapists create a safe and comforting space where children can explore a variety of toys and materials, from dolls and action figures to art supplies and sensory bins, to express their thoughts and emotions indirectly through play. During the play the therapist helps the client to recognize their emotions, practice coping and regulation skills, challenge unhelpful perspectives and thoughts, develop language to communicate their experience to others.

Benefits Of Play Therapy


This therapeutic approach is especially beneficial for children who are experiencing:

  • Emotional stress due to family issues, such as divorce or death.

  • Social adjustment difficulties, including forming friendships, assertiveness and boundaries.

  • Traumatic events, thus giving them a way to process their experiences.

  • Behavioural challenges by providing a safe space to work through aggression and frustration.

  • Mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or ADHD, offering a supportive environment to explore feelings and develop coping strategies.

Up-To-Date Research Supports Play Therapy


Contemporary research in child psychology continually affirms the effectiveness of play therapy. Research studies show play therapy can improve children's emotional regulation, help them develop better social skills, and boost self-esteem. Play therapy is more than play; it's a strategic, therapeutic approach that can lead to positive behavioural changes and mental health outcomes.

Join Us On A Therapeutic Journey


At Airdrie Counselling Centre, we are committed to nurturing your child's mental and emotional well-being. If you notice your child struggling or want to give them a space to express themselves more fully, play therapy may be the bridge to understanding. Our trained psychologist is here to support your child's journey toward healing and growth.

Take The First Step Today.


Contact us to learn more about our play therapy services and how we can tailor our approach to meet your child's unique needs. Let's work together to foster resilience and joy in your child's life.

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