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Couples Therapy: Nurturing
Connection, Understanding, and Growth

At Airdrie Counselling Centre, we believe that the journey of a relationship is filled with unique challenges and beautiful opportunities for growth. Our dedicated team offers compassionate couples therapy, grounded in the principles of emotional engagement and practical relationship skills, designed to strengthen the bond between partners.

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) For Couples


Emotionally Focused Therapy helps couples understand and express their emotional needs more clearly. This approach is based on the premise that emotions can be a pathway to connection rather than a barrier. Through EFT, partners learn to identify negative patterns that lead to disconnection and work towards creating a more secure emotional bond. Couples can experience greater intimacy and resilience by fostering a deeper emotional connection.

Gottman Method


Incorporating the insights from the extensive research-based approach of the Gottman Method, our therapy sessions focus on enriching your communication and conflict-resolution skills. This method emphasizes the importance of nurturing respect, affection, and closeness, managing conflict constructively, and building and sharing a deeper connection.

The Benefits Of Couples Therapy


Couples therapy has been proven to help treat a wide array of relationship issues, including but
not limited to:

  • Communication barriers

  • Emotional distance or disconnection

  • Trust issues, such as infidelity

  • Conflict and anger problems

  • Life transitions and stress

  • Intimacy and affection concerns


Up-to-date research validates that couples therapy can significantly improve relationship satisfaction and be a vital tool in rekindling the connection that may have diminished over time. Couples often wait too long before reaching out for help, leading to increased difficulty in repairing the relationship. Seeking help before problems grow too large reduces the chances of separation and divorce in the future.

A Space For Healing And Growth


Whether facing specific challenges or seeking to deepen your connection, we aim to create a supportive and non-judgmental space for both partners to explore, understand, and grow together. If you and your partner are looking to strengthen your bond or navigate the complexities of your relationship with professional support, we invite you to reach out to us. Discover how our couples therapy services can illuminate the path to a more fulfilling partnership.

Specialized In Couples Therapy

We have three therapists specialized in Couples Therapy. Book with our experts below.

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